Baton twirling is an international sport that encompasses agility of Acro/Tumbling, Ballet technique, skills from Jazz, all combined with the technicality of twirling a baton. Twirlers will benefit from enhanced hand eye coordination. The ability to manipulate an object. And, a better understanding of how to hold their posture and self-presentation. Along with the physical benefits of this sport, it also allows for your twirler to build their confidence, self-esteem, discipline, stage presence, and team building skills.

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation and understanding of basic twirling skills to create an experience that your twirler can use to grow into more advanced levels while enhancing life skills they can carry with them for years to come.
Save The Date: Recital | June 5, 2022
As a free service to our dance families, all shoes are ordered through Major Productions Studio of Dance to ensure every dancer has the same shoes to complete the entire look.
We size, order, process payments, pick up, and sort for you saving you a trip to the dance store.
*Each twirler will also be required to purchase a custom fit Baton for $35 when registering for class.
Costume fees will be processed on March 1, 2022 in the amount of $80.