Stepping Stones (Tap/Ballet Combo)

 Our Stepping Stones class lets your dancer explore both Tap and Ballet all year long! Performing 2 numbers on stage under the lights is one of the highlights of the year.
BALLET - Twirling. Skipping. Balancing. Galloping. are just a few things our dancers will be working on during their time in Ballet. While working on the basics of positioning their feet in Ballet positions and their arms, we will be working on being the best Ballerina Princess they can be by showcasing their graceful skills while going across the floor.
TAP -  Just remember the amount of fun you had when you were little and put on your first pair of tap shoes. Tapping all over the house......and getting in trouble for being to loud or scrapping the floors, but loving the simple joy and amazement of the sounds that came from the bottoms of your shoes. Can you image seeing the look on your little ones face when she puts her shoes and makes the same sounds for the first time? Now it's her turn to have the joy and amazement of her first tap shoes. Working on rhythms, beats, counts, all while being creative and making new friends.
This class will require both Tap and Ballet shoes. Only 1 costume will be purchased for recital. They will perform both Tap and Ballet in our year - end recital in June 2019.
Girls - Classic Pink Ballet Slippers
Boys - Black Ballet Slippers
Girls - Tan U-Shell Tap Shoes 
Boys - Jr. Jazz Taps 
Girls - Any leotard
Boys - Flexible Clothing 
*Tap and Ballet slippers will be ordered through MPSD.