Miss Janelsy

Flip Hop (Hip Hop|Acro/Tumbling), & Hip Hop
At a very young age, Janelsy Elicier always showed interest in dance. During her middle school years is when she was able to officially take it seriously, and expand out of the dance performances from home. For the next eight years, Janelsy would begin to study all types of dance and fall in love with contemporary and Hip-Hop. Involving herself within many different dance environments to expand her knowledge, Janelsy has been able to experience not only studio/competition dancing but also the culture of street style dancing as well. After graduating and leaving her teachers at John Hopkins Middle School, where she studied Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop dance, she went on to do competitive dancing for a Hip-Hop team in Tampa,Florida.
Here she was able to gain more experience not only choreographing but also competing and teaching. Choreographing, teaching and sharing knowledge with her teammates and younger students, and also working with her team to make sure they looked good for competitions. During this time she would also learn about the Hip Hop culture and scene. She was able to immerse herself within the Hip-Hop dance culture and use her showcasing skills to participate in many dance battles and Hip-Hop events. Here she learned many street styles like, Vogue, Litefeet, and the fundamentals of Hip-Hop in its true essence. Now Janelsy teaches Hip-Hop and Contemporary to a variety of age groups in St. Petersburg, Florida and is working towards acquiring her yoga teacher certification. She continues to strive to share her knowledge with the people around her and the younger generation to create a better, and more knowledgeable dance community!