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Welcome to Major Productions Studio of Dance
After School Dance Program at
Harvey Elementary

Discover the Gateway to Your Dancing Dreams with Our Electrifying After School Dance Program!
Welcome to a world where rhythm and movement collide! If you have ever dreamt of showcasing your dancing talents and igniting the dance floor, then look no further than our exhilarating After School Dance Program. From beginners to budding stars, we welcome all passionate souls ready to embrace the magic of dance! Boys and girls are welcome in Grades K - 5.
Convenience meets creativity as we bring the dance floor directly to your fantastic school premises. Picture this: no more rushing your child from one location to another, no more traffic jams or worries about running late. Our program eliminates all these hassles and ensures your child can dive straight into the captivating world of dance just moments after the final school bell rings!
Designed to cater specifically to beginners, our After School Dance Program is a safe haven for those who might be taking their first steps onto the dance floor. Our expert instructors are seasoned professionals, ready to help your child develop confidence, coordination, and a captivating sense of rhythm. Under their tutelage, dancers will partake in a Hip Hop/Jazz based class, empowering them to unleash their true potential.
Who: Boys and Girls in Grades K - 5
 What: After School Dance Program featuring Pom Poms | Hip Hop | Jazz

Where: Harvey Elementary |Meet at the Music Room | 3:15 - 4:15 PM

Why: To have the best time EVER and learn some amazing dance skills!

When: Monday September 9, 2024 - Sunday June 1, 2025

Every Monday school is in session
*The last class will be held at the Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex at our Main studio location prior to recital as school will already be on summer break.


Harvey Elementary - Monday Class After School Dance Program Powered By Major Productions Studio of Dance from Tracy Stratman on Vimeo.

Pick Up

Class will end promptly at 4:15 PM. Dancers need to be picked up or returned to after care. MPSD does not provide transportation to any location. Please make sure you identify your child's mode of transportation for pick up on your registration form.

After School Pick Up Mode | Car Rider or After Care


Attire: Anything flexible

No skirts. Dancers need to be able stretch and move freely while remaining fully covered.

Shoes: Clean Gym Shoes (Sneakers)

No sandals, flip flops, slip on flats, or Crocs

Cost to get started

*$30 registration fee. Monthly tuition guarantees a minimum of 3 classes per month with a maximum of 5.

Monthly Tuition | $65 Per Month

Monthly tuition is taken via auto debit on the 25th of the prior month.

Recital Costume | $85

All After School Programs will perform 1 - 2 dances during our year-end annual dance recital on June 1, 2025 at Riverview High School in Sarasota, FL with the dancers from the MPSD Main location. This is a required performance for all dancers who are enrolled in the program.
Costume Fees are due on November 15, 2024

*Your recital costume fee inncludes the main pieces to the costume, all accessories, head pieces, and tights. Parents will be responsible for providing white canvas shoes to complete the recital look. Make sure you bring your pom poms to recital!

Save The Date: Recital | June 1, 2025
We can't wait to see all the kids on stage at recital this year!