Combo Class | Tap/Jazz (SRQ)

Welcome to our vibrant and energetic Tap/Jazz dance class! Step into the world of rhythm and style as you immerse yourself in the fusion of two iconic dance genres. This class is designed to unleash your inner performer, whether you're a beginner or have some experience already. Our talented and passionate instructors will guide you through a dynamic and fun-filled session, teaching you the basics of tap dance, characterized by rhythmic footwork and percussive beats, and the graceful and upbeat moves of jazz dance. Get ready to groove to catchy tunes, learn intricate steps, and feel the joy of this unique dance style. Join us and discover the artistry and excitement that the Tap/Jazz dance class has to offer! 
This class will require both Tap and Jazz shoes. Only 1 costume will be purchased for recital. They will perform both Tap and Jazz in our year - end recital on June 8, 2025.  
Just remember the amount of fun you had when you were little and put on your first pair of tap shoes. Tapping all over the house or down the grocery store isles......and getting in trouble for being too loud or scrapping the floors, but loving the simple joy and amazement of the sounds that came from the bottoms of your shoes. Can you image seeing the look on your little ones face when she puts her shoes and makes the same sounds for the first time? Now it's her turn to have the joy and amazement of her first tap shoes. Working on rhythms, beats, counts, all while being creative and making new friends.
Jazz is a great way to have dancers come out of their shell. We have a lot of fun working on basic technique, jumps, turns, and combos in the center of the room or across the floor. Jazz will continue to enable our dancers who are already confident by pushing them to the next level of their dance or helping our shy dancers find the assurance they need to know it is OK to be expressive both in the classroom and on the stage.  
Save The Date: Recital | June 8, 2025 | Riverview High School, Sarasota, FL
Save The Date: Recital | June 8, 2025
As a free service to our dance families, all shoes are ordered through Major Productions Studio of Dance to ensure every dancer has the same shoes to complete the entire look.
We size, order, process payments, pick up, and sort for you saving you a trip to the dance store.