Royalty In Training (Tap/Ballet Combo) (SRQ)

Welcome to the magical world of Royalty In Training dance class, where dreams come true and fairy tales come to life! Step into a enchanting realm where children explore the art of movement and grace, as they unlock the secrets and treasures of being part of a royal court.
In this captivating dance class, little ones are embraced by the elegance and charm of the royal ballrooms, as they learn to dance and twirl like true princes and princesses. Watch as their imaginations take flight, transforming them into noble characters from beloved tales, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or even the valiant knights from charming lands afar.
Under the guidance of our gentle instructors, children will learn the etiquette of the royal court, perfecting their royal bows and curtsies, and mastering the royal wave that is fit for a king or queen. As they move gracefully across the dance floor, their confidence and self-expression grow, allowing their inner sparkle to shine through.
With each enchanting session, young dancers not only develop their physical abilities but also nurture their creativity, storytelling skills, and love for the performing arts. Through captivating music, magical props, and captivating choreography, they embark on a journey that immerses them in the enchanting world of royal dances and fairy tale characters.
At Royalty In Training dance class, every child is treated like royalty. They are encouraged to embrace their unique qualities and express themselves through the art of dance. The class fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages teamwork, as young dancers learn to interact with their fellow princes and princesses.
Parents and guardians are captivated by the joy and excitement that radiates from their little ones after each class. Watching their children spin, twirl, and leap with such grace and confidence fills their hearts with pride and awe.
Whether your child dreams of ruling a kingdom one day or simply wants to experience the magic of being a princess or prince, Royalty In Training dance class is the perfect place to nurture their royal aspirations. Join us on this enchanting journey where dreams flourish, fairy tales come to life, and the world becomes a stage for our little royalty in training.
Save The Date: Recital | June 8, 2025 | Riverview High School, Sarasota, FL
Princess Training Camp | One Magical Moment In Time 


Save The Date: Recital | June 8, 2025
As a free service to our dance families, all shoes are ordered through Major Productions Studio of Dance to ensure every dancer has the same shoes to complete the entire look.
We size, order, process payments, pick up, and sort for you saving you a trip to the dance store.