Guys in Ties. Girls in Pearls. (Male Role Model Dance)

Any current boy or girl enrolled with Major Productions Studio of Dance is welcome to join us during their recital show to dance with a special someoneof their choice. Choose either your Dad, grandpa, uncle, a friend, or a role model who inspires you to join you on stage! This is a perfect way to spendquality time together and create a strong bond with your dancer. All the while, you will be creating unforgettable memories to cherish and take with youinto the future.
Dancers must be 3 by January 1, 2024
How much does it cost?
$79 per pair
2 hours of rehearsal time for you and your dance partner
Dance Party & Pizza after rehearsal on May 17
Corsage or Boutonniere for each participant.
*Do you have more than one dancer who wants to join you? Each additional registered dancer is $35.
All fees are non-refundable. Please make sure that everyone is able to commit to all rehearsals.
Rehearsal Dates and Times

Friday May 17 | Rehearsal | Studio A | 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Friday May 17 | Pizza Party | Studio C | 7:30 - 8:00PM

Friday May 31 | Rehearsal | Studio A | 6:30 - 7:30 PM

*Rehearsals are staggered to allow all dancers to be a part of both Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls as well as Dancing with MY Queen.
What do we wear on stage?
Adults: Suit and tie in any color with dress shoes
Girl Dancer: Fancy dresses with dress shoes
Boy Dancer: Suit and tie in any color with dress shoes
Which recital show does this dance perform in?
This dance will appear in both shows!
Sunday June 2, 2024
12:00 PM and/or 3:30 PM
Here are your options:
1) Perform in the show your dancer is dancing in
2) Siblings in different shows? Perform with each of them in their specific show to make it individual memories.
3) Siblings in the same show? Perform with them together at the same time during their recital showtime.
4) Do you have a competition team dancer? You can perform in 1 or both shows.
Just let us know so your name will appear correctly in the program.
When registering for this class, please add the ADULT performing to the account as a new student. Then, enroll them in the class. I will manually adjust accounts as the $79 fee will appear for both students.
No registration fee will be applied for adding the adult to the account. Performing adults will still need to purchase a seat to the show so they can sit in the audience once their piece is finished. Adults will not be allowed to remain back stage for the duration of the show unless they have chosen to volunteer and are on a security list. Once recital is completed the adult will be deleted from the account entirely and will need to be added again the following year.