Volunteer Sign Up


It takes a village backstage and we need you!
Each show is approximately 1.5 hours long. We need many parent volunteers back stage to help watch kids while they wait before and after they perform. 

We need approximately 18 volunteers per show

Watch dancers in the dressing rooms

Watch dancers as they wait in line to go on stage

Costume Changing Room

Front Lobby

Ticket Taker

Backstage Check In Table

Me and My Shadow - 1 parent will perform on stage with their Shadow. No need to sign up here.

Tutus and Tuxes (Pre-Ballet - Age 3), Tumble Bugs, & Flip Hop (Ages 3 - 5)We need 1 - 3 volunteers per class to be back stage with your class. You will NOT perform on stage. Please do NOT sign up here if you solely wish to be with a specific class. Please let Miss Heather know. If you sign up here, I will place you randomly backstage and will not guarentee that you will be with your class. 

Volunteers will arrive 30 minutes prior to dancer arrival and must stay until all dancers have been picked up.