Graceful. Elegant. Delicate. Exquisite. Statuesque. Poise. These are just a few synonyms we work on during our ballet classes. Moving ever so delicately and gracefully across the floor doing her leaps and turns while learning proper ballet technique. Her exquisite and elegant center work and barre work will give her the proper foundation to become a statuesque and poised ballerina.
Girls - Classic Pink Ballet Slippers
Boys - Black Ballet Slippers
Wonder Level - Light Pink Tank Leotard
Mini Competition Team - Light Pink Tank Leotard
Discovery Level - Burgundy Tank Leotard
Adventure Level - Navy Blue Tank Leotard
Amazement Level - Black Tank Leotard
Competition Dancers - Black Tank Leotard
Pink Tights
Hair in a bun
Boys - Flexible Clothing
*Ballet slippers and Leotard will be ordered through MPSD.