Costume Fees

Our year-end annual recital is the most spectacular times of our dance season. The memories we create with family and friends are ones to be cherished forever. This is our only required performance of the entire year. Each dancer will look handsome or unbelievably ravishing when they take the stage. The lights will reflect off their costumes catching the sparkly sequins. 
For every class your dancers takes, they will need a costume for recital. Each costume is $80. Costume fees will be withdrawn from accounts on Monday December 6, 2021
As an added value, your dancer will receive the tights they need to complete their look!
30 Minute Class | 1 Style Class - 1 Costume 
 40 Minute | 1 Style Class - 1 Costume
40 Minute | Combo Classes - 1 Costume
85 Minute | Combo Classes - 2 Costumes
Performance/Competition Team - 1 Costume for every piece 
 Parrish Charter Academy After School Dance Program - 1 Costume