COVID-19 Protocols


Face Masks: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in all common areas of the rink. Dancers may choose to remove them when they enter the dance room. 

Class Duration: To start the 20-21 dance season, all 45 minute classes will be 40 minutes to allow staff to clean and disinfect in between each class.

Social Distancing: We have blocked off 6 foot squares on the dance floor. We will try our best to keep the dancers as far apart as we can as much of the time as possible. 

Drop-off/Pick-up: Dancers can arrive 5 minutes prior to their class time. 

Waiting Parents: Preferably parents do not wait directly outside the dance room. You should wait in the main lobby, on the landing, or outside.

Hand Washing/Sanitizing: All dancers are strongly encouraged to wash their hands prior to entering the dance room as well as after class. We will also be applying hand sanitizer to all dancers when they enter the room and as needed throughout class.

Cleaning: We already have the studio floors cleaned with a high grade cleaning solution. We will continue our efforts in cleaning and disinfecting.

  • Acro/Tumbling Mats: Sprayed with a disinfectant after every class.

  • High touch areas: Cleaned all night long

  • Floors: We will be spraying the dance floors with a disinfectant throughout the week.

  • Props: All dancers in the Me and My Shadow & Tutus and Tuxes programs will receive their own prop pack for your dancer to use only. It will include a scarf, ribbon, and a 4-pack of crayons. Please keep this in their dance bags for use every week.

Personal Products: Your dancer may have the following items with them during class (optional)

  • Hand sanitizer (please place their name on it and keep it in their dance bag)

  • Face mask (please have their name on it someplace)

  • Water Bottles (please place their name on it and keep it in their dance bag)

    • We will not be allowing the kids to use or refill their water bottles at the drinking fountain.

  • Absolutely no food in dance rooms

Dance Attire/Shoes: All dancers will be required to attend in their proper dance attire, shoes, tights, and hair styles. Please arrive with their proper dance attire on and hair out of their face securely to eliminate them touching their faces during class.