Recital Hair & Make Up

Stage Make Up and Hair
All performers need to wear a sufficient amount of make up on stage to ensure your dancer is visible from the stage. Due to the extremely bright stage lights reflecting off of faces, if not enough make up is worn to off set the lights, your dancer will appear to have a completely white face and you won't be able to see your dancer.
*Dancers under 7 will still need make up on but they do not have to wear it to this extent. 
 How should my dancers hair look on stage?
Parted over the DANCERS LEFT EYE. Slicked back into a low ponytail. Each dancer should have straight hair. Hair ties should be the same color as your dancers hair. No bright colors or additional clips. Use a LOT of hair spray to keep all loose ends back away from their face.
What if my dancers doesn't have enough hair yet to pull it back into a low ponytail?
Try to get as much out of their face as possible. For safety reasons, hair need to be secured back. 
Video Tutorial on How To Create A Slick Back Low Ponytail