The Nutcracker Jr. | December 16, 2023

DECEMBER 16, 2023 | 4:45 PM

Welcome to the enchanting world of Nutcracker Jr. 2023! As Christmas Eve unfolds in the Stahlbaum household, joy fills the air as they prepare for their annual Christmas party. Once the guests arrive, the magic truly begins as the toys, brought to life by the Toymaker, march and dance in a mesmerizing display.

Amidst the festivities, a mysterious guest arrives, revealing herself to be Clara's long-lost Aunt and the beloved Toymaker. She presents Marie, Clara's younger sister, with a special Shepherdess doll, sparking jealousy in Clara and Fritz. The tension rises as the next gift is unveiled—the Scary but exciting Rat Princess. While the guests cower in fear, Fritz eagerly claims the Rat Princess as his own.

The grand finale of the evening arrives with the presentation of the Nutcracker doll to Clara. Instantly, he captures her heart, and they twirl and dance, captivating everyone's attention. However, Fritz's jealousy reaches its peak, leading him to push the Rat Princess into a fierce battle with the Nutcracker, resulting in the Nutcracker's head being broken off.

Heartbroken but determined, Clara's aunt, the Toymaker, works her magic to mend the Nutcracker's head. Clara hugs him tightly and drifts off to bed, leaving the Nutcracker safe and sound. 


As midnight approaches, a magical transformation takes place. Mice, Toy Soldiers, and the Nutcracker come to life, engaging in an intense battle. Clara, drawn by the commotion, bravely enters the scene. When the Nutcracker appears to be losing, Clara strikes the Rat Queen with her Pointe Shoe, defeating her.

Concerned for her Nutcracker, Clara is comforted by the Snow Queen. Through Clara's love and sacrifice, the Nutcracker transforms into the Prince of the Land of the Sweets. Together, they journey through a magical snowstorm and arrive in the Land of the Sweets.

There, Clara is welcomed by the Sugar Plum Fairy, who expresses gratitude for breaking the curse the evil Rat Queen had cast upon the Prince. The Sugar Plum Fairy takes Clara on an adventure through the various Candy Realms, ultimately crowning her as the Princess who saved the Land of the Sweets.

As Clara awakens, she fears it was all a dream, but to her delight, the Sugar Plum Fairy is by her side. In a gesture of gratitude, the Sugar Plum Fairy presents Clara with the Nutcracker as a gift, thanking her for bringing back their long lost Prince. The magic of the Nutcracker Jr. 2023 leaves Clara with a heart full of joy and the memory of a fantastical journey that will forever live in her dreams.